Unconditional Self-Acceptance - USA

The Principle of Unconditional Self-Acceptance - USA

I accept myself because I'm alive and have the capacity to CHOOSE TO better enjoy my existence. I am much more than a single behaviour of mine.

I might, if I CHOOSE TO, rate a trait of mine or rate my behaviour, however it is likely impossible to rate something as complex as my whole 'self.' How HELPFUL might it be try to do that rating of my whole ‘self?’

Like the sun, moon and the stars I simply 'am' - my ‘self’ consists of innumerable traits and countless actions - taken and potential - rather than just this one, or two, or three, or four, etc. I have 'One Human Beings Worth of Value' - a constant - like an atom - like a molecule - like the sky.

I might CHOOSE TO strive for some progress in some aspect of my life - mainly to enhance the enjoyment of at a moment in time, to do a task to an arbitrary standard, rather than making ME a ‘failure,’ it might indicate that, at this time, I haven’t developed a skill or ability to do it to that arbitrary standard, YET.

I might CHOOSE TO accept myself even if I am unwilling, or find it challenging, to change a behaviour of mine - because there is no law of the universe that says I am unable to make that choice, anytime I CHOOSE TO. I might CHOOSE TO accept my flawed humanness at any time.

My acceptance of myself might be a personal choice - who MUST I accept as my, often 'self-appointed,' judge or jury. The difference between a cup of coffee and another person's opinion is, I often really want a cup of coffee.

Acceptance is other than approval. I might accept myself unconditionally and still not be fond of an aspect of my very human behaviour or an outcome that flowed from something I did.

I might still, with unconditional self acceptance, choose to put in some effort towards an outcome that I might prefer to happen.

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