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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Why Might I Want This?

Why might I want an end result like this? In what way might I want it enough to do what it takes today to achieve it? If the answer to either question has hesitation, it’s likely pretty helpful to look to build greater desire in myself.

Building a little more fire, a little more passion, and a little more desire to achieve a goal of mine, is likely to help the process be more appealing and feel more achievable - to embed it a little.

Idea: I might build on my ‘why’ by writing down and reading out, with emotion, how my journey toward this goal will look, feel and what it might do for me when I achieve it. Purposefully get a little more excited about this milestone in my progress.

What else might I want to achieve?

What might I really want?

How might I build a bit more passion by looking at how my life might alter in other ways?

This answer may require some soul searching or bigger dreaming on my part. Building enough desire to pull me through the 'effort' of achieving my goal.

Idea: It might help to craft a goal I desire with my heart, mind, and spirit - a goal that helps make the work required a joy. A goal that gets me excited to achieve it.

How might I keep my focus?

In the middle of doing the 'work' of goal achievement, it might be easy to lose sight of a 'why I’m doing it.' It might help to keep refocusing on the emotional reason I made the initial commitment.

I might ask myself who or what inspired me to make the initial commitment to this goal? In what way is this commitment still a higher priority - a higher enough priority to continue my commitment to doing whatever it takes – and then some!

Reminding myself of an emotion that prompted my initial commitment - an emotional why behind my decision. Connecting to an emotional why might help me to feel even more emotion, desire, and renew my commitment to my goal.

What Might be a Consequence of me Doing Less of What Might be Helpful?

A reason behind a choice I make, might be to bring about greater comfort or certainty - or reduce pain or discomfort.

Weight loss as an example. On one hand, I commit to losing 10Kg because I want to live a longer, healthier life, well into my later years - a goal driven by increasing pleasure and better overall good feeling. On the other hand, I commit to losing 10Kg because I don’t like the way I look in a bathing suit - a goal driven by reducing pain.

Are the consequences of not doing the work undesirable enough of a reason to push me to put in the effort required - right here, right now?

If the pleasure of achieving a future goal is enough to motivate me, OK. Sometimes the pain might also be a helpful reason to put in the effort.

Idea: It seems pleasure is a more sustainable motivator and might be a good way to inspire me. Sometimes a realization of pain might provide a kick-in-the-pants to help me get moving initially.

In What Way Might I Want to Stay Stuck Here?

If I really want this and I have a strong emotional connection to a bigger why of mine, and I seem unwilling to put in the effort, then I might ask a following question:

  1. In what way is being stuck here a bit appealing – what might I be getting from it?

  2. How might I feel if I’m still here, in this same place, next week - next year - in five years?

  3. What if things stay pretty much the same for me – how might that look, sound, and smell?

If I give up today, how might I feel?

  • How happy might I be with an ongoing ‘reality’ like this?

  • What might be my probable, almost certain future?

Idea: Sometimes it might be as simple as putting it in my calendar or on my to-do list - maybe the night before. Sometimes having a starting ritual helps – setting out the things I require the day before, or doing a small routine before a task.

Rather than an opportunity to be unkind to myself, not making the progress I’d prefer to make might be an opportunity to check-in with myself. To re-examine how my goal is in alignment with where I’d prefer to be headed. An emotional goal is more helpful when it serves to inspire me into helpful action and helps propel me along my path to a better expression of a closely held value of mine.

A little more self-kindness, a bit more self-compassion and a sprinkling of self-love, might help my effort in this process quite a bit.

Motivation = Reason to

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