DE comes before DO

Updated: Apr 20

“Before I am able to DO something, I am likely required to DE something.”

The purpose of an ABC of REBT, the real, deep down inside myself purpose, is to DEprogram myself.

To alter a belief I hold, an orientation of my mind, a ‘value’ that I appear to hold close - while sometimes denying that I do.

To perhaps look upon a thought that occurs in my mind as something that is able to be questioned, interviewed, ignored, or dismissed.

To a little more appreciate that I am where I am today because of a helpful and an unhelpful choice that I have made, or a choice that was made for me.

That I might be able to make, at any time, a ‘counter-conditioning’ choice. That DEprogramming might be possible, and that there is probably a human somewhere making a bit more helpful choice every single moment.

Doing an ABC in writing is highly recommended because it grabs a thing running through my brain, that appears to be a monster, and by putting it down on paper, gives it a more two-dimensional, bit more manageable form.

Science has shown that, as a human, I have a tendency to ‘make a same mistake.’ That while I acknowledge that it is unhelpful, I have a tendency to do a mistake, or something similar, again. Rather than being inevitable, making a same mistake tends to be a common human thing to do.

Anyone who says moving in a different direction is easy, has OBVIOUSLY not attempted it, or actually done it. Not attempted an alteration in a closely held unhelpful idea or action, anyway.

A person who is saying altering a habit of thought or action is easy, is better avoided.

A concept for consideration is that an alteration in a habit of thought or action may well be possible.

That there might be a person who has done, or is doing, this thing that I prefer to have in my life.

With planning, practice, persistence, and patience - especially patience with my dear self and my humanness - I may well do it as well.

”Rather than seek Victory, I seek persistence.

For when I go on in a struggle, I bring honour to myself.

Even more, I bring honour to us all.” - Ancient Greek Saying

Perhaps I will, when I am able, pick myself up, dust myself off, see what piece of my puzzle might be found in what just happened, and step forward once again.

There is power in that.

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