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Working Towards a more Balanced Life of My Active CHOICE

The process of having a different life - maybe gradually making a thing that I find helpful more attractive and easier to do - gradually making a thing I find unhelpful less attractive and more challenging to do.



The purpose of BLD or BuiLD is to give me a tool, technique, or mindset that empowers me a little and enables me to live a slightly fuller richer life.

The emphasis is on addressing an unhelpful feeling, or unhelpful thought, or unhelpful action - attempting slightly more often to have a more helpful emotion, spend more time with a helpful thought or take a slightly more helpful action.

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I Might Build a bit more Power in a Thing I Would Rather Do.

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From the work of Joe Gerstein

I might go into the BLOG here, and I might download the tool HoV.
I might then make a list of a thing that is important to me - that I would rather have in my life, or back in my life.
I might look at, amongst other areas, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Helpful Family or Close Friend, Helpful Social, Financial.
Once I have this list I might write out WHY this thing is important to me - especially how HELPFUL it is or might be.
In selling, "reason tells, emotion sells" - it might help me to get a bit more emotional about this thing, in a HELPFUL way, and really desire this thing.
It might help me to be AWARE that altering my behaviour is likely to be uncomfortable and it is probably helpful that I let go a little of a requirement that I actually LIKE this process.

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Getting Clearer on the Benefit versus the Cost

I might go to the BLOG here and download the BCM.
I might write the thing I want to start doing, or would prefer that I stop doing, at the top of the tool.
I might follow the instructions, I might work with it for a while, and I might get clearer, more AWARE, and attempt to get some CHOICE into this automatic pilot system in my glorious HUMAN brain.

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What might I be worth?

I might be worth everything I have ever done or not done - helpful or unhelpful.

In addition I might be worth everyone who has ever loved me or hated me.

Finally I might be worth every thought I have ever had - helpful or unhelpful.

I might take these three ingredients, take every item within them and assign them a value.

In order to get a scale on which to place myself, it would be necessary to get every person in the world to do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time - as time moves, so would these things alter.

How hard does that sound?

Or, I might CHOOSE to accept the notion that "I HAVE ONE HUMAN BEING'S WORTH OF VALUE."

A constant.

I might choose to go to the BLOG here and download the tool USA - Unconditional Self-Acceptance and sit with it for a while.

Certainly, how I might choose to 'invest' the value of me - what I choose to do, to think, and how I feel - that I might choose to evaluate for how helpful or unhelpful it is.


Mark Twain said:

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

While it is VERY human to mercilessly give myself an impossibly hard time, I might go to the BLOG section here and download USA - Unconditional Self-Acceptance - and possibly consider accepting my common HUMANNESS.


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