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Working Towards a more Balanced Life of My Active CHOICE

The process of having a different life - maybe gradually making a thing that I find helpful more attractive and easier to do - gradually making a thing I find unhelpful less attractive and more challenging to do.


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The purpose of BLD or BuiLD is to give me a tool, technique, or mindset that empowers me a little and enables me to live a slightly fuller richer life.

The emphasis is on addressing an unhelpful feeling, or unhelpful thought, or unhelpful action - attempting slightly more often to have a more helpful emotion, spend more time with a helpful thought or take a slightly more helpful action.

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I Might Build Power in a Thing I Would Rather Do.

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From the work of Joe Gerstein

I might go into the BLOG here, and I might download the tool HoV.
I might then make a list of a thing that is important to me - that I would rather have in my life, or back in my life.
I might look at, amongst other areas, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Helpful Family or Close Friend, Helpful Social, Financial.
Once I have this list I might write out WHY this thing is important to me - especially how HELPFUL it is or might be.
In selling, "reason tells, emotion sells" - it might help me to get a bit more emotional about this thing, in a HELPFUL way, and really desire this thing.
It might help me to be AWARE that altering my behaviour is likely to be uncomfortable and it is probably helpful that I let go a little of a requirement that I actually LIKE this process.

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Getting Clearer on the Benefit versus the Cost

I might go to the BLOG here and download the BCM.
I might write the thing I want to start doing, or would prefer that I stop doing, at the top of the tool.
I might follow the instructions, I might work with it for a while, and I might get clearer, more AWARE, and attempt to get some CHOICE into this automatic pilot system in my glorious HUMAN brain.

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What might I be worth?

I might be worth everything I have ever done or not done - helpful or unhelpful.

In addition I might be worth everyone who has ever loved me or hated me.

Finally I might be worth every thought I have ever had - helpful or unhelpful.

I might take these three ingredients, take every item within them and assign them a value.

In order to get a scale on which to place myself, it would be necessary to get every person in the world to do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time - as time moves, so would these things alter.

How hard does that sound?

Or, I might CHOOSE to accept the notion that "I HAVE ONE HUMAN BEING'S WORTH OF VALUE."

A constant.

I might choose to go to the BLOG here and download the tool USA - Unconditional Self-Acceptance and sit with it for a while.

Certainly, how I might choose to 'invest' the value of me - what I choose to do, to think, and how I feel - that I might choose to evaluate for how helpful or unhelpful it is.



Mark Twain

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”
While it is VERY human to mercilessly give myself an impossibly hard time, I might go to the BLOG section here and download USA - Unconditional Self-Acceptance - and possibly consider accepting my common HUMANNESS.



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